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Interested in playing your music at Peaky Blinders? Please email ryan@cultnetwork.co.uk

(Dates and times are subject to change so please re-visit this page immediately prior to attending an event)


11/10 Chris Tavener (9pm)

12/10 Love Me Blues (9.30pm)

13/10 Viva la Coldplay (9.30pm)

20/10 Snakehouse (6pm)

20/10 Charlie Hopkinson (8.30pm)


2/11  Pepe le Moko (9.30pm)

3/11 Snakehouse (6pm)

9/11  Hello Felix (9pm)

22/11 Lucy Mayhew (9pm)

30/11 Snakehouse (6pm)


1/12 AKA Noel Gallagher (7.30pm)

6/12 Carl Morris (9pm)

28/12 Snakehouse (6pm)