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Interested in playing your music at Peakys? Please email ryan@cultnetwork.co.uk

(Dates and times are subject to change so please re-visit this page immediately prior to attending an event)

Free Entry



16/5 Jon Casey Blues Band (9pm)

17/5 Hard To Handle (9.30pm)

18/5 Toni James(9.30pm)

19/5 Daisy Gill  (6pm)

23/5 Joao Terra  (9pm)

24/04 Safehouse (9.30pm)

25/5  Hello Felix (9pm)

26/5 The Sound (6pm)

30/5 Kingfast (9pm)

31/5 The Hard Way Home (9.30pm)




1/6 Meridian (9.30pm)

2/6 James Blanche (6pm)

6/6 Matty Lamb (9pm)

7/6 Banta Rays (9pm)

8/6 The Drive (9.30pm)

9/6 Charlie Reader (6pm)

13/6 Arustic Duo (9pm)

14/6 Smoke Shack (9.30pm)

15/6 Joey Shields (9.30pm)

16/6 Beatinc (6pm)

20/6 Jon Dawes (9pm)

21/6 The Vinyls (9.30pm)

22/6 Burnouts (9.30pm)

23/6 Daisy Gill (6pm)

27/6 Joao Terra (9pm)

28/6 The Pedal Tones (9.30pm)

29/6 Hello Felix (9.30pm)

30/6 James Erlam (6pm)

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